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What to Consider When Designing the Garage of Your Dreams

Having a garage is a must for many homeowners. In fact, according to a LiftMaster survey, 83% of homeowners wouldn’t buy a house if it had no garage. Interestingly, only 11% of homeowners say that they are satisfied with their garage and wouldn’t want to improve it.

Garage Living, the premium garage transformation company in Canada and the US, is helping homeowners design the garage of their dreams. These days, the functionality of the garage has moved well beyond just somewhere to park a vehicle. 55% of homeowners use the garage as the home’s main entryway. Adding storage space, is the number one priority for most homeowners looking to make a garage improvement, but the garage can also double as everything from a gym to a workspace and an entertainment centre.

People looking to outfit their garage for an Electric Vehicle (EV), refinish their floor, organize, or fully renovate their garage should consider the following:


Installing Built-in Cabinets


custom built-in garage cabinetsModular storage or custom-fit cabinet systems create an organized, functional space. Look for North American made high-quality materials that will withstand the rigours of the garage. Bear in mind, functionality does not mean giving up style. Cabinets and countertops come in a variety of colors with a sleek design to enhance the aesthetic value of the home.



Installing Slatwall


Custom garage slatwallSlatwall panels are a great way to maximize storage space. A slatwall system offers a multitude of configurations to accommodate everything from tools and cleaning supplies to sporting equipment, pop up tables, and spare tires. Garage Living’s cellular PVC construction is made with up to 10% recycled material that will protect the walls and is easy to clean. With a variety of standard and custom slatwall colors to work with, clients can select neutral walls, design their own theme or even add LED lighting for subtle or bold accents.



Installing New Floor Coating


Custom garage floor coatingGarage Living’s proprietary polyaspartic floor coating system, Floortex™ offers better abrasion, chemical resistance, and a longer lifespan than epoxy. While epoxy typically needs to be replaced every two – three years for high traffic floors, Floortex floor coating has a 10 – 15-year limited warranty, depending on the climate of where the home is located. Floortex floor coating is available in a variety of attractive finishes and has a rapid curing time and can often be refinished in less than a day.


Pulling it All Together


Highend garage with red cabinets and black sports carsThe ideal garage provides solutions that are specific to each homeowner’s lifestyle. Similarly, the design aesthetic should also reflect the homeowner’s taste and ideally, tie into the overall décor scheme of the home. With a multitude of options, homeowners can create their dream garage in everything from a neutral palette to bold pops of color, like red and yellow accents. As a final touch, make sure to select a paint color that complements all elements of the garage.


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